Cost effective, customized, secure, leading-edge IT solutions

Our team of more than 100 customer support representatives, analysts, designers, technicians and project managers can help healthcare organizations transform the capacity and functionality of their information technology. The following provides more detail about our various service offerings:

Customer Service/Helpdesk

HITS' Customer Service team, through our Helpdesk, provides support for all technology needs for our valued health care organizations and related business entities. The Customer Service team also supports use of Hamilton Health Sciences-hosted application environments such as Meditech, Safety Occurrence Reporting, Integrated Decision Support, ClinicalConnect™ and many other clinical information systems.

The Helpdesk is effectively a central point of contact that operates 24/7 for any technology inquiry. Inquires are logged and tickets are tracked. Tickets can be opened by calling the Helpdesk, emailing the Helpdesk for non-urgent issues or by using HITS myIT at supported sites. The Customer Service team manages all technology-related issues or service requests from the time they are initially reported to resolution.

Strategic Planning & Project Management

HITS' strategy planning and project management teams deliver high quality solutions that meet or exceed business requirements, using standard methodology and tools, according to your business priorities and timelines. Our project managers will work with you from start to finish to ensure your success. Part of the project oversight includes reports to support IT governance, including labour capitalization, resource management, project charters and priorities.

Security Consulting

The Security team provides expertise, support, and solutions to ensure your entire IT environment including systems, networks, servers and data are protected. The team utilizes a variety of tools and industry best practice to ensure your environment is safe and secure.

The Security team has the skills to provide Threat Risk Assessment that will outline a list of potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited for malicious intent. The team will review all of these with you and make suggestions and recommendations to mitigate that risk for your particular environment depending on your wants and needs.

Security is a rapidly changing entity and our team of dedicated security experts will help ensure you stay informed and aware of all options available to you to ensure the safeguarding of your IT environment within your organization.

Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics at the simplest level is about providing better care to patients using technology.

The notion that care is better results from the extensive use of technology throughout the patient journey within the healthcare system which ultimately results in more timely and accurate patient information being made available to health care workers so clinical decisions can be made efficiently and with the best available information to affect positive outcomes for the patient.

Technology is used from the moment a patient is registered in the electronic systems at the organization. The flow of this information to downstream systems is a complex and cumbersome process and is linked with many electronic systems.

The Clinical Informatics team is responsible and accountable for integrating and adopting technology in a clinical environment. Sitting at the intersection of clinical practice and information technology, the Clinical Informatics team utilizes their knowledge and leadership to ensure the efficient and optimal use of clinical information systems which directly affect patient care. They provide leadership in the development, implementation and change management of clinical informatics projects, processes and programs. As such, Clinical Informatics is uniquely positioned to advance the organization in their use and adoption of Health Information Technology and ultimately provide better care to patients.

Electronic Health Information Systems

HITS' Production Systems and eHealth Solutions support team offers a varied range of services related to electronic health systems. The team is responsible for providing consultation, implementation and support for applications for all our customers' electronic health systems. Our team provides extensive implementation of solutions and services in partnership with HITS' Clinical Informatics team in the Meditech HIS and Epic Ambulatory Systems platforms.

Application Development

Our team also provides application development, SharePoint support and workflow development using Infopath Forms, applications integration, including HL7, Microsoft Office document customization/macro development, Microsoft Access database, SQL scripting and custom reporting, eHealth Ontario Digital Health Service integrations, iOS application development and web design. Our team also has expertise in Access Governance System (AGS) identity management and dashboard development using DundasBI Dashboard.

Network Support & Design

Working with our partner CompuCom, we will assist you with the design and build of network solutions that meet all your business needs in a safe and secure manner. Our network experts will ensure networks are sized appropriately and design for optimal performance.

IT Core Services

The HITS team has extensive experience in delivering core IT Infrastructure services. Our talented team can ensure the correct solution is available to meet your organization's needs. Whether you need Citrix, Email, File & Print, or Domain Management services, we have the core IT solution to ensure the continuous and secure operation of your IT investment.

Hosting Services

The HITS team can also provide you with a variety of Hosting solutions. We have a strong team dedicated to ensure secure and always available Data Centre, Server Hosting, and Storage Management offerings. The storage needs of your organization must also be taken into consideration with your disaster recovery and business continuity needs. Our team can help you with planning and assessing the needs of your organization to come up with a custom solution that will ensure the continuous, safe, and secure operation of your organization.

eHealth Solutions

The HITS eHealth Office is situated within the HITS division of Hamilton Health Sciences and leads the advancement of eHealth systems and solutions that enable improvements in healthcare delivery, patient care and safety. These solutions include ClinicalConnect, the Regional Clinical Viewer for South West Ontario; eConsult, a direct-to-specialist online consultation tool; and MyChart, a patient portal offering a comprehensive view of an individual's health records.

As the regional digital health solution provider and delivery partner for the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant (HNHB) LHIN, the HITS eHealth Office team is comprised of experts in strategic planning, technical project management, implementation, adoption and change management, communications, stakeholder engagement, training, education and privacy. The team supports eHealth initiatives originating from HNHB partners, Ministry of Health, eHealth Ontario and/or the South West Ontario (SWO) Cluster. Together, the team focuses on optimizing health service providers' ability to deliver enhanced patient care while increasing efficiencies through greater connectivity and communication